Atlanta Medical Marijuana Company Poised To Distribute ‘haleigh’s Hope’ Cannabis

Email | Twitter | LinkedIn Atlantas first medical marijuana company has gained rights to distribute a high cannabidiol (CBD) strain of marijuana developed specifically for medical use. Halcyon Organics has licensed a strain named ‘ Haleigh s Hope’ that has a 22:1 CBD to THC ratio, which means that the strain provides the medicinal benefits of marijuana without the high that causes impairment. Daniel Macris , CEO of Halcyon Organics, said the strain contains less than 2 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol. For the purposes of medical use, especially with epilepsy and cancer, you really need that THC in there to get the maximum efficacy of the concentrate, Macris said. A CBD only (extract) is about 60 percent as effective as a whole plant extract because THC, while it does have a psychoactive effect that can get you high, it also has powerful antispasmodic and anticonvulsive properties.

The strain was developed by Jason Cranford , founder of the Boulder, Colo.-based non-profit HOPE Foundation. Cranford said he developed Haleigh s Hope to treat pediatric epilepsy. Janea Cox, the mother of the namesake of Haleigh s Hope Act or House Bill 885, named the strain. According to the bill, clinical research has shown certain benefits arising from the utilization of medical research cannabis and, most recently, significant benefits of a particular strain delivered orally for the treatment of seizure disorders among children. The cannabis allowed by the bill is low in THC but high in CBD, which according to many physicians reduces the number and duration of seizures. Cranford said Haleigh was having more than 200 seizures a day before starting treatment in Colorado.

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