Annapolis Mom Was At Heart Of Medical Marijuana Reform

She’s a very effective advocate and very flexible.” Mike Liszewski, government affairs director for the advocacy group Americans for Safe Access, worked with Rand through the session, giving her tips on lobbying that she used to press her cause. “She was really tireless this session,” Liszewski said. Testimony from Rand and others who would be personally affected by legalized medical marijuana helped sway lawmakers, Liszewski said. “It really adds a new dynamic that makes it difficult for politicians to ignore the issue,” he said. Morhaim said that while he’s satisfied with the current bill, he regrets it took so long to get it passed. He said he’s been advocating for such a bill since 2001. “People have been suffering while we go through this process,” he said. Rand described her son is a “happy little guy” who enjoys life but suffers seizures every day and is developmentally delayed.

According to published research, there is anecdotal evidence that marijuana can reduce seizures, though researchers say more study needs to be done. Rand said it was important for her, and other parents raising sick children, to advocate for the right to medicine that will improve her son’s quality of life.

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